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The GWR 0-6-0PT (pannier tank), is a type of steam locomotive built by the British Great Western Railway with the water tanks carried on both sides of the boiler, in the manner of panniers. They were used for local, suburban and branch line passenger and goods traffic, for shunting duties, and as banker engines on inclines. The early examples, such as the 1901 and 2021 classes, were rebuilt from saddle or side tanks when the locos received a Belpaire firebox – this type of firebox has a square top and is incompatible with a curved saddle tank. This process mostly took place during the tenure at Swindon Works of George Jackson Churchward. Only a very small number of saddle tank locomotives escaped rebuilding as panniers, notably the 1361 Class built new under Churchward in 1910, by which date a few of the 1813 Class had already been rebuilt as pannier tanks.


1366 Class No. 1367 at Weymouth in May 1961
An old design recreated by Hawksworth: No. 1638 (built after Nationalisation) preserved on the Kent & East Sussex Light Railway
Ex-GWR 5700 class, London Transport No. L95 shunts at Croxley, 1969
Another B.R. pannier in an unhistorical green livery: post-1948 No. 9466 at Tyseley
6400 Class No. 6412 hauling an autocoach on the West Somerset Railway, October 2000
1366 Class No. 1369, Oldland Common railway station

The GWR pannier tank locomotives were classified as follows:

Small engines (wheelbase under 15'), rebuilt from saddle or side tanks

Small engines (wheelbase under 15'), built as pannier tanks from new

Large engines (wheelbase over 15'), rebuilt from saddle or side tanks

Large engines (wheelbase over 15'), built as pannier tanks from new

  • GWR 5700 Class · Collett/Swindon and outside firms 1929-50, 863 locos (includes sub-class 8750)
  • GWR 9400 Class · Hawksworth/Swindon and outside firms 1947-56, 210 locos

Large boiler/short wheelbase


Class Number Location
1366 1369 South Devon Railway
1500 1501 Severn Valley Railway
1600 1638 Kent and East Sussex Railway
8750 3650 Didcot Railway Centre
3738 Didcot Railway Centre
4612 Bodmin and Wenford Railway
5700 5764 Severn Valley Railway
5775 Keighley and Worth Valley Railway
5786 South Devon Railway
6400 6412 South Devon Railway[1]
6430 South Devon Railway
6435 Bodmin and Wenford Railway
5700 7714 Severn Valley Railway
7715 Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
7752 Tyseley Locomotive Works
7754 Llangollen Railway
7760 Tyseley Locomotive Works
9400 9400 Swindon Steam Railway Museum
9466 Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway
8750 9600 Tyseley Locomotive Works
9629 Pontypool and Blaenavon Railway
9642 Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway
9681 Dean Forest Railway
9682 Dean Forest Railway

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