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GWR No. 3043 at Seer Green 1950

The Great Western Railway (GWR) 3000 Class was a class of 2-8-0 steam locomotive consisting of the ex-Railway Operating Division ROD 2-8-0.

The GWR borrowed several ROD 2-8-0s during the First World War but these were returned to the government after the end of the war. In 1919, GWR bought 20 virtually new RODs, and numbered them 3000-19. A further 84 were hired in July 1919, and were numbered 3020-99 and 6000-3, but these were returned in October 1922. In 1925, the GWR bought 80 engines (including some previously hired) and numbered them 3020-99.

Overhaul and sorting[edit]

In 1926/7 the GWR sorted their RODs into two batches. The original 3000-19 and 3020-49 were considered good engines and given proper overhaul and Swindon fittings, including top feed and brass safety valve casing. The remainder were renumbered 3050-3099, given a light overhaul and then ran until they failed, when they were withdrawn — all were gone by 1930. There was some swapping of numbers, so that engines in better condition were given the lower numbers. The leading dimensions of the GWR 3000 Class were the same as the GCR Class 8K except that the GWR increased the boiler pressure to 185 psi (1,280 kPa) which increased the tractive effort to 32,200 lb (14,600 kg) or 32,200 lbf (143,000 N).

World War II[edit]

The GWR borrowed 30 Class O4 from the LNER in 1940 but returned them between 1941 and 1943.

British Railways[edit]

No. 3040 at Oxford Locomotive Depot 22 February 1953

Forty-six of the RODs entered British Railways service in 1948. Five locomotives (numbers 3011, 3015, 3024, 3036 and 3041) were still in service in 1957 [1] but they had all withdrawn and scrapped by 1960.[2] None of the GWR RODs has survived to preservation.


In November 2011, Bachmann released a 00 gauge ready to run model of the 3000 class. This complements kits in various gauges.


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