GWR 3511 class

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Nos 3511 to 3520
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Designer William Dean
Builder GWR Swindon
Order number 64 (part)
Build date 1885
Total produced 10
 • Whyte 2-4-0T
 • UIC 1B
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Leading dia. 3' 7"
Driver dia. 5' 1"
Wheelbase 17 ft 0 in
Fuel type Coal
Heating surface 1209.86 sq. ft
 • Tubes 1106.57 sq. ft
 • Firebox 103.29 sq. ft
Superheater None
Cylinders Two, inside
Cylinder size 17 in x 26 in
Valve gear Stephenson
Train heating Steam
Operators GWR

The GWR 3511 class were standard gauge 2-4-0 side tank locomotives designed by William Dean for the Great Western Railway and built in 1885.


They comprised the last ten of the twenty locomotives of Lot 64. The first ten locomotives of this Lot were built to the broad gauge as the 3501 class.


Originally built with condensing apparatus they were used on work through the Severn Tunnel until the ventilation was improved.[1]


The condensing apparatus was soon removed and in 1894/5 they were all rebuilt as 2-4-0 tender locomotives of the 3201 class as were the 3501 class.


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