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G is the seventh letter of the Latin alphabet.

G may also refer to:



Arts, entertainment and media[edit]

Fictitious entities[edit]

  • G, a fictional character in the game Club Penguin
  • G, a fictional character in Sega's The House of the Dead (video game) series
  • G, a synonym for zombie in World War Z]]
  • Mr G, or Mr Gregson, a fictional character in the Australian TV comedy Summer Heights High



Other music
  • A prefix used to denote the Gérard catalog, a catalogue of Luigi Boccherini's works compiled by Yves Gérard

Rating systems[edit]

Other arts, entertainment and media[edit]

Brands and enterprises[edit]

Mathematics and science[edit]

In astrophysics[edit]

In chemistry and biology[edit]

In computing[edit]

  • "G", a visual programming language for National Instruments' LabVIEW
  • G, the customary prefix for Gibi, the binary multiple meaning 10243 = 1073741824
  • G-code, common name for computer numerical control (CNC) programming language

In linguistics[edit]

In mathematics[edit]

In physics[edit]

With respect to electromagnetism[edit]

With respect to gravitation[edit]

Other uses in physics[edit]

  • Gibbs free energy, a function of thermodynamics
  • Gluon (g), a fundamental particle which mediates the strong interaction
  • Shear modulus, in materials science, the ratio of shear stress to shear strain in a material

In scales, weights and measures[edit]



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