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Ga'aton River (1946)
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The Ga'aton River (Hebrew: נהר הגעתון‎, Nehar HaGa'aton) is a small river in the Northern District of Israel. It passes through the town of Nahariya before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. The river runs through the main street of Nahariya, a city that takes its name from the river (nahar means river in Hebrew).[1]


In Ottoman times, the river was known as Nahr Mefshukh.[2]

The source of this river, formerly known as "the fountain-head of the waters of Ǧiyāto" (Hebrew: ראש מי גיאתו‎), and which issued from two natural springs: ʻain a-tinah and ʻain al-ʻanqalit, is mentioned in late 2nd century rabbinic writings (Sifrei on Deuteronomy 11:24), and in the Mosaic of Rehob.[3]

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Coordinates: 33°0′23.28″N 35°5′39.41″E / 33.0064667°N 35.0942806°E / 33.0064667; 35.0942806