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Gabardine was a band on Saddle Creek Records that was formed in 1996. Composed of members of Beep Beep, Broken Spindles, Head of Femur and The Faint, its members were Chris Hughes, Eric Bemberger, Ben Armstrong and Joel Petersen. Gabardine released one album, Gabardine, and had two tracks on the Saddle Creek sampler. The band broke up in summer 1998.


  • Gabardine is the only album by the band and was the 26th release by Saddle Creek Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Romance Is Better in Theory
  2. Learn to Sleep Alone
  3. For Future Grooms
  4. And Then the Drummer Flew Away
  5. Make-Up Won't Cover It
  6. It Wasn't the Movie That Made You Cry
  7. Do You Dream in Color?
  8. Will You Even Write?
  9. Schizophrenia

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