Gabby Gator

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Gabby Gator
Woody Woodpecker character
Gabby Gator first appeared as a prototype in Everglade Raid.
First appearance Prototype: August 11, 1958
Everglade Raid
Official: November 28, 1960
Southern Fried Hospitality
Last appearance The New Woody Woodpecker Show (1999-2002)
Created by Walter Lantz
Portrayed by Daws Butler
Jeff Bennett (1999-2002)
Richard McGonagle (film)
Nickname(s) A.I Gator
Species Alligator
Gender Male

Gabby Gator is an animated cartoon character, an anthropotic alligator who appeared in several cartoons produced by Walter Lantz and distributed by Universal Pictures.

Gabby lives in the Okiedokie Swamp, which is a play on Lake Okeechobee and is near Cape Canaveral. Unfortunately for him, this place does not have many food options, and Gabby is forced to attract the food (usually Woody Woodpecker) to his home and attempt to capture him with anything he might have at hand, including highly advanced technology. Though Gabbie Gator is intelligent and crafty, Woody always escapes, usually leaving Gabby with his home destroyed. The most strange thing about Gabby Gator is that he seems to have a vast supply of carrots, which are useless for a carnivorous reptile.


Gabby Gator first appeared as a prototype in Everglade Raid. In that short, Gabby tries to cook Woody for lunch. The prototype version of Gabby appeared again in Romp in a Swamp. Gabby's first official appearance was in Southern Fried Hospitality when he caught Woody because he did not eat much.

However, Gabby did not became as famous as Woody's renowned enemies like Buzz Buzzard and Wally Walrus. His final theatrical appearance was in Greedy Gabby Gator in 1963. He was replaced by Miss Meaney.

Later appearance[edit]

Gabby Gator appeared later as a minor character in an episode of The New Woody Woodpecker Show voiced by Jeff Bennett.

List of Gabby Gator's appearances[edit]