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Gabe Serbian
Occupation(s) Musician
Associated acts

Gabriel Serbian is an American drummer and guitarist, most famous for his work in The Locust, Cattle Decapitation, and Holy Molar. He is also a member of Head Wound City, a hardcore/punk rock supergroup.

He has performed with Alec Empire, Nic Endo, Charlie Clouser, and Merzbow.[1]

Serbian also played live drums for Miami IDM/breakcore artist Otto von Schirach on a European tour and also when von Schirach played/toured with The Locust.

Serbian was praised by Dave Lombardo of Slayer, who said that "There's a band called The Locust. Their drummer is named Gabe Serbian, and their music hits me now like D.R.I. hit me in the early '80s".[2]



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