Gabonese legislative election, 2011

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Legislative elections were held in Gabon on 17 December 2011.[1] Amidst an opposition boycott, the ruling Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG) won an overwhelming parliamentary majority; official results were announced on 21 December 2011, showing that the PDG won 114 out of 120 seats, the most it had ever won since the beginning of multiparty politics in the early 1990s. A few other parties won the handful of seats remaining: the Rally for Gabon (RPG) won three seats, while the Circle of Liberal Reformers (CLR), the Social Democratic Party (PSD), and the Union for the New Republic (UPRN) won a single seat each.[2]

Turnout was 34.8%, with many opposition supporters choosing to boycott.[3]


Parties Votes % Seats +/-
Gabonese Democratic Party 180,367 74.2 115 +33
Rally for Gabon 10,343 4.3 3 +3
Circle of Liberal Reformers 12,240 5.0 1 –1
Social Democratic Party 4,453 1.8 1 –1
Union for the New Republic 2,912 1.2 1 +1
Others 32,925 13.5 0
Invalid/blank votes 11,861
Total 255,101 100 121 +1
Registered voters/turnout 745,109 34.2
Source: Adam Carr