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Gábor Stépán (pronounced [ˈɡaːbor ˈʃteːpaːn]; born December 13, 1953 in Budapest), Hungarian professor of applied mechanics, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, associate member of the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP), former dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Won the Széchenyi Prize in 2011. His research fields include nonlinear vibrations, delay-differential equations, and stability theory. He was elected as a fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics in 2017, "for contributions to the theory and analysis of delayed dynamical systems and their applications".[1]


Member of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics from 1992, and of Euromech from 2000. Chief editor of Periodica Polytechnica between 1993-1994. Member of the editorial board of the following scientific journals: Journal of Vibration and Control, Journal of Nonlinear Science, Journal of Computational and Applied Mechanics, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Mechanism and Machine Theory, and Physica D.


His research areas are:

  • Analytical mechanics: stability theory, delay systems, nonlinear vibrations
  • Differential equations: bifurcation theory, delay differential equations, chaos
  • Applications in mechanical engineering: nonlinear dynamics of wheels, vibration and stability issues of robots, force control, stabilization of unstable equilibria and motions, human balancing, machine tool vibrations, active nonlinear suspension systems, rehabilitation robotics

Main publications[edit]

Gabor Stepan is author of more than one hundred scientific publications. The main publications include:

  • Great Delay in a Predator Prey Model (1986)
  • Retarded Dynamical Systems (1989)
  • Micro-Chaos in Digitally Controlled Mechanical Systems (1994)
  • Quasiperiodic Oscillations in Robot Dynamics (co-author, 1995)
  • Micro-Chaos in Digitally Controlled Machines (co-author, 1996)
  • Delay-Differential Equation Models for Machine Tool Chatter (1998)
  • Delay, Nonlinear Oscillators and Shimmying Wheels (1998)
  • Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Processing I–II. (co-editor, 1999, 2000)
  • Modeling Non-Linear Regenerative Effects in Metal Cutting (2001)
  • Semi-Discretization Method for Delayed Systems (co-author, 2002)
  • Multiple Chatter Frequencies in Milling Processes (co-author, 2003)
  • Criticality of Hopf Bifurcation in State-Dependent Delay Model of Turning Processes (co-author, 2008)


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