Gabriel Abdel El-Metgaly

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Martyr Bishop Gabriel Abdel El-Metgaly
Martyr, Bishop
Born30 March 1918[1]
Mallawi, Minya
Died3 September 1978[1]
Minya, Egypt
Venerated inCoptic Orthodox church
Major shrineChurch of the Archangel Gabriel, Minya, Egypt
FeastSeptember 3
Mesori 29

Gabriel Abdel El-Metgaly (30 March 1918 – 3 September 1978) was an Egyptian bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Early life[edit]

El-Metgaly was born in the village of Tend, Malawi.[1][2] He completed his secondary in 1936. He joined the Coptic Orthodox Church Clerical Council in 1937 and studied there till 1941.[1][3][2]

Death and legacy[edit]

Due to the sectarian strife of 1978, a group of Muslims attacked the priest's house. He and his wife was beaten with sticks and sharp instruments. El-Metgaly died from the attack.[1]

In 2018, his body was transferred to the Church of the Archangel Gabriel in Minya. It was said that his body had not decomposed.[4][1]


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