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Gabriel David Josipovici FBA FRSL (/ˌɒsɪpˈvi/ JOSS-i-po-VEE-chee; born 8 October 1940) is a British novelist, short story writer, critic, literary theorist, and playwright. He is an Emeritus professor, after having been Professor at the University of Sussex.[1]


He was born in Nice, France in 1940, of Russo-Italian, Romano-Levantine Jewish parents. He lived out the war years in a village in the French Alps with his mother, Sacha Rabinovitz. He studied for six years in Egypt at Victoria College, Cairo from 1950–56, before emigrating with his mother to England and finishing his high school education at Cheltenham College, Gloucestershire. He read English at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, graduating with a First in 1961. Gabriel Josipovici taught at the University of Sussex at Brighton from 1963 until 1998, where he is Research Professor in the Graduate School of Humanities. He was formerly Weidenfeld Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Oxford. Josipovici has published over a dozen novels, three volumes of short stories and a number of critical books. Carcanet Press have published his work since his novel Contre Jour in 1986. His plays have been performed throughout Britain and on radio in France and Germany, and his work has been translated into the major European languages and Arabic. In 2001 he published A Life, a biographical memoir of his mother, the translator and poet Sacha Rabinovitch. In 2007, Gabriel Josipovici gave the University of London Coffin Lecture on Literature; the lecture was entitled "What ever happened to Modernism?" and was subsequently published by Yale University Press.[2]

He is a frequent contributor to the Times Literary Supplement.

Selected works[edit]



  • The World and the Book (1971, 1979)
  • The Lessons of Modernism (1977, 1987)
  • Writing and the Body (1982)
  • The Mirror of Criticism: Selected Reviews (1983)
  • The Book of God: A Response to the Bible (1988, 1990)
  • Text and Voice (Carcanet Press, 1992)
  • Touch (Yale University Press, 1996)
  • On Trust: Art and the Temptations of Suspicion (1999)
  • A Life (2001). A memoir of Josipovici's mother.
  • The singer on the Shore: essays 1991–2004 (Carcanet Press, 2006)
  • What Ever Happened to Modernism? (Yale University Press, 2010)


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