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Gabriel Sherman
Born United States
Occupation Author, writer
Language English
Genre Biography, journalism, non-fiction
Spouse Jennifer Stahl

Gabriel Sherman is an American author. In 2014, he wrote a biography about Fox News Channel president Roger Ailes called The Loudest Voice in the Room: How the Brilliant, Bombastic Roger Ailes Built Fox News – and Divided a Country,[1] which debuted at #9 on The New York Times Bestseller list.[2][3]


Sherman is the son of Raechelle Beth Kriger Thedinga and Leonard Sherman.[4][5][6] His mother is a dietitian and nutritionist; his father is retired as a partner in Accenture and adjunct professor of marketing at Columbia Business School.[4] He has written for The New York Observer[7] and for New York magazine[8] where he is a contributing editor.[9]

SF Gate called his biography of Ailes The Loudest Voice in the Room "classic in a subgenre that might be called Enraged TV Executives Throwing Things."[9] Sherman interviewed 600 people for the book, but did not have an interview with Ailes himself.[9] Sherman portrays Ailes' leadership of Fox News as "absolute".[10] Ken Kurson wrote that the Ze'ev Chafets' biography, Roger Ailes: Off Camera, released before Sherman's book, "does a better job penetrating the psyche of Mr. Ailes (Mr. Chafets had extensive access to the wizard), and Mr. Sherman’s book does a better job depicting the phenomenon of Fox News and its cultural meaning."[11] Fox News has denied many of the events depicted in the book.[12] The book led to a number of media reports about Fox and its culture.[13][14] Jay Ambrose said that readers "should also not worry yourself to death about" The Loudest Voice in the Room because Ailes is a "fascinating if endlessly castigated man whose direction of Fox News divided nothing."[15]

Personal life[edit]

In 2011, Sherman married Jennifer Stahl in a Jewish ceremony.[4] Stahl is an editor at ProPublica.


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