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Gabriele Adinolfi (Rome, 3 January 1954) is an Italian far right ideologue and essayist. He was one of the prominent characters of the 1970s extraparliamentary far right.


Early political career and Terza Posizione[edit]

Adinolfi started his political activity in the years of student protests. In 1968 he was involved in the Roman Italian Social Movement scene, in particular he was active in the Filippo Anfuso section in via Livorno (next to Piazza Bologna).

From 1970 he began joining several far right extraparliamentary movements: the Fronte Studentesco, then Avanguardia Nazionale, Lotta di Popolo and, in the end, Alternativa Studentesca. Together with Giuseppe Dimitri and Roberto Fiore, in 1976, he is one of the founders of Lotta Studentesca in the bookshop of Walter Spedicato. In 1977 Lotta Studentesca becomes Terza Posizione, which eventually become one of the most important extraparliamentary far right movements.

Takedown of Terza Posizione and exile[edit]

In the investigations following the Bologna Massacre (and the discovery of explosives being smuggled by members of Terza Posizione in Rome during a casual control) an arrest warrant was issued on 28 August 1980 for Adinolfi, Fiore and other 26 far right exponents. Interrogations took place in Ferrara, Rome, Padua and Parma. On 23 September 1980 Terza Posizione was declared illegal, and another arrest warrant was declared, for the crime of subversive association.

As Adinolfi was found guilty of associative and ideologous crimes, he fled the country, and finally settled in France. He do however continue to travel back and forth from Italy, to follow the evolution of the far right scene.

In 1982 in Paris, Adinolfi collaborated in the realization of three numbers of the journals Terza Posizione and Dixie, the latter focusing on finance and power. In the same year, Adinolfi and Spedicato gave life to the Centro Studi Orientamenti e Ricerca ("Scholarship Center for Orientation and Research") in which they elaborate five political documents and ten years of trimonthly bulletins. Orientamenti e Ricerca stopped its publications in 1995 with the death of Spedicato.

Back in Italy[edit]

In 2000 Adinolfi could come back in Italy for prescription. He has since then been one of the most active and innovative ideologues and thinkers of the Italian far right scene. He proposes a socially oriented, anti-globalization, uncompromised far right policy. His political analysis is peculiar for the combination of uncompromised far right ideology and strive for objectivity (for example, he regularly stated that the far right should honour Ernesto Che Guevara, regardless of him being Communist, because of his human and political virtues).

He currently coordinate the journal Orion, and the far right news website NoReporter. He also backed initiatives like the Guardia d'Onore Mussolini ("Mussolini Guard Of Honour", a voluntary organization that guards the Mussolini grave in Predappio) and the recent explosion of far right squats, of which the most famous is CasaPound. He currently leads the Centro Studi Polaris ("Polaris Scholarship Center"), a think-tank of far-right politics.

He is author of several books, among them Noi Terza Posizione ("We, Third Position") with Roberto Fiore, on the Terza Posizione movement, 2000 and Quel domani che ci appartenne ("That Tomorrow that Belonged to Us") 2005, Nuovo Ordine Mondiale tra imperialismo e Impero (2002), Nos belles années de plomb (2004), Tortuga, l'isola che (non) c'è (2008), Pensées Corsaires (2009), Tortuga, la isla que (no) existe (2012), Quella strage fascista. Così è se vi pare (2013), Orchestre Rouge (2013), I rossi, i neri e la morte (2014), La Terza Posizione (2014), Il Fascismo (2014), Années de plomb et semelles de vent (2014), Il terrorismo (2015), L'Europe (2015), Io fascista ricercato (2015)