Gabrielle-Charlotte Patin

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Gabrielle-Charlotte Patin, engraving by Leonhard Heckenauer

Gabrielle-Charlotte Patin, (born 1666) was a French numismatist, writer and painter during the 17th century.

Granddaughter of medical doctor and letter writer Guy Patin, daughter of medical doctor and numismatist Charles Patin and moralist writer Madeleine Patin, as well as sister of the writer and art critic Charlotte-Catherine Patin, Gabrielle-Charlotte Patin published a Latin work on Phoenician numismatics: De Phœnice in numismate imperatoris Caracallæ expressa epistola (Venise, 1683, in-4°).

Gabrielle-Charlotte Patin was made, as were her sister and parents, a member of the Galileiana Academy of Arts and Science under the name "Diserte". At this academy, she gave the panegyric lecture on Louis XIV in 1685.

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