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Gabrielle Ferrari (14 September 1851 – 4 July 1921) was a French-Italian pianist and composer noted for opera. She was born and died in Paris and studied with Charles Gounod and Théodore Dubois. Her opera Le Cobzar premiered in Monte Carlo.[1][2]


Title page of Le Cobzar

Ferrari composed operas and songs, writing her own text, and also for orchestral and piano performance. Selected works include:

  • Le Tartare, (1906) opera
  • Le dernier amour, (1895) opera
  • Le Cobzar, (1909) opera
  • Feuilles d'album, Op. 76
  • Feuille morte
  • Menuet
  • Nirvana
  • Fantasie Symphonique
  • Jeanne d'Arc


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