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Sir Gabriello Cecchi ---- Paris, 1939

Sir Gabriello Cecchi (Ponte Buggianese, 1914 – Torino, 2000) was an Italian entrepreneurs in the gelato industry[1]. He learned the trade from his father Raimondo and went on to perfect it in France. He created the Gelati Cecchi brand in 1936 and founded Cecchi Industries after the war, managing them up until 1973[2] when he sold the company to the Italgel Group-Barilla. After its sale, he remained Honorary chairman and Director of the Italgel Group and Motta-Nestlé up until the 1990s. The brand has been relaunched by his grandson, Stefano Cecchi.[3]

Cecchi was the patron of the A-series Pallacanestro Biella team[4][5][6] and a co-founder of a Turin Bank. He was a member of the International Brigades that fought Francisco Franco's Fascist army in Spain during the Spanish Civil War and later, having returned to Italy, became a member of the Garibaldi 77th assault brigade fighting in the Italian Resistance.[citation needed]



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