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Gaby Rodgers (née Gabrielle Rosenberg; born March 29, 1928 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany) is a German-American actress, theater director, and journalist.

Although she worked extensively as a television actress in the 1950s, she is best-remembered as an actress for her role as Lily Carver (Kiss Me Deadly, 1955). Her only other theatrical film role was in a gritty 1953 New York indie, The Big Break. She appeared on the cover of the January 1957 issue of Cosmopolitan, representing "The New Face of Broadway".[citation needed]

The daughter of art dealer, Saemy Rosenberg,[1] and the niece of the philosopher, Edmund Husserl,[2] Rodgers was born in Germany but grew up in Amsterdam. She was married for many years to lyricist Jerry Leiber, half of the songwriting team of Leiber & Stoller, who wrote "Hound Dog", "Jailhouse Rock", and other songs. Rodgers is frequently cited as co-author of the song "Jackson" with Billy Edd Wheeler, but this is untrue; Leiber wrote the song with Wheeler, using his then-wife's name as a pseudonym.[3]


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