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Gad Elbaz
גד אלבז
גד אלבז.jpg
Background information
Birth nameGad Gaston Elbaz
Born (1982-08-20) August 20, 1982 (age 37)
Rehovot, Israel
GenresJewish music, Eastern music, Mizrahi music, pop, rock
InstrumentsVocals, beatboxing
Years active1986–present
LabelsZOAB Entertainment, Hoshen Entertainment

Gad Elbaz (in Hebrew גד אלבז) is an Israeli Jewish singer who has recorded several albums.


Gad began to sing and write music at age four. He first appeared with his father Benny Elbaz, an Israeli singer, accompanying him on the song "Father I Love You". Gad is featured on four CD's with his father. When he was 20, he met his wife Moran who happened to be a fan of his, and married. He later broke out as a solo artist recording ten albums of his own: "Walk in a Straight Path" in 1998, "Light at the End of the Tunnel" in 2003, "Meanings" in 2005, "Almost Quiet" in 2006, “Between the Drops” in 2007, "Live at Caesarea (2 CDs)" in 2008, " Words of Spirit" in 2013, “Nigun Umizmor” in 2014, “Ze Hayom” in 2014, and his latest "Lechaim" in 2017. His multi-city world tours to promote his music and message were successful. His Hashem Melech Tour had over 180 shows in 53 cities. His music videos have been regularly shown on Israeli Music 24 station.



  • 1999: Honest Roads (in Hebrew: לך בדרכים ישרות)
  • 2003: Light at the End of the Tunnel (in Hebrew: אור בקצה המנהרה)
  • 2004: Meanings (both CD and DVD) (in Hebrew: משמעויות)
  • 2006: Almost Quiet (in Hebrew: כמעט שקט)
  • 2008: Between the Drops (in Hebrew: בין הטיפות)
  • 2008: Live at Caesarea (2 CDs) (in Hebrew: הופעה חיה בקיסריה)
  • 2013: Words of Spirit (in Hebrew: מילים של רוח)
  • 2014: Nigun Umizmor (in Hebrew: ניגון ומזמור)
  • 2014: Ze Hayom (in Hebrew: זה היום)
  • 2017: L'Chaim


  • 1998: "Aba, Otcha Ani Ohev" (meaning: "Daddy, I Love You") (at 4-years old, with his father Benny Elbaz)
  • 2004: "Halayla Zeh Hazman" (meaning: "Tonight is the Night"; in Hebrew: הלילה זה הזמן) - ft. Alon De Loco (in Hebrew: אלון דה לוקו)
  • 2005: "Or" (meaning: "Light"; in Hebrew: אור) - (Alon De Loco [in Hebrew: אלון דה לוקו]) featuring Gad Elbaz
  • 2008: "Mizmor Ledavid" (meaning: "A Psalm of David"; in Hebrew: מזמור לדוד)
  • 2010: "Just a Prayer Away" (originally in English)
  • 2013: "Hashem Melech" (meaning: "God is the King"; in Hebrew: "ה' מלך") (The song's melody is based on that of "C'est la Vie" by Khaled)
  • 2013: "Open up" (Hebrew and English version)
  • 2014: "Miracles (Al Hanisim)" (feat. Naftali Kalfa and Ari Lesser)
  • 2014: "Bring Back Our Boys"
  • 2014: "Min Hameitzar" (meaning: "From the Straits")
  • 2014: "Hava Nagila" (meaning:"Let us rejoice") - an adaptation of the song with new lyrics
  • 2015: "Ma Nishtana" (meaning: "Why is it Different")
  • 2015: "Avinu" (meaning: "Our Father")
  • 2016: "Besearaich" (meaning: "In Your Gates")
  • 2016: "Hashem Melech 2.0" (feat. Nissim), melody based on that of "C'est la Vie" by Khaled
  • 2016: "Rise Again (Betifara)" credited to Gabriel Tumbak featuring Gad Elbaz,
  • 2016: "WeR1" ft. Gad Elbaz, Refael Mirila, Alliel, DeScribe, and Nissim
  • 2016: "Meefo Lehatchil"
  • 2017: "L'Chaim" (feat. Nissim)


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