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ಗದಗ - ಬೆಟಗೇರಿ
Viranarayana Temple
Viranarayana Temple
Gadag-Betageri is located in Karnataka
Gadag-Betageri is located in India
Location in Karnataka, India
Coordinates: 15°25′00″N 75°37′00″E / 15.4167°N 75.6167°E / 15.4167; 75.6167Coordinates: 15°25′00″N 75°37′00″E / 15.4167°N 75.6167°E / 15.4167; 75.6167
Country  India
State  Karnataka
Region Bayaluseeme
District Gadag
Population (2010)
 • Total 172,813
 • Official Kannada
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 582 101 & 582 102 & 582 103
Telephone code 08372
Vehicle registration KA-26
Website .

Gadag-Betageri is a city municipal council in Gadag district in the state of Karnataka, India. It is the administrative headquarters of Gadag District. The original city of Gadag and its sister city Betageri (or Betgeri) have a combined city administration. The municipality of Gadag-Betageri has a population of 172,813 and an area of 54.0956 km². Kanaginahal of Gadag is the birthplace of the first co-operative society in Asia.

The twin city municipality is situated 80 km from Dharwad and 60 km from Hubli, and lies on the Gutti-Vasco National Highw

Gadag style of architecture[edit]

Gadag style Ornate pillars at Sarasvati Temple, Trikuteshwara temple (complex) at Gadag

The Gadag style of Architecture[1] marked by Ornate pillars with intricate sculpture[2] originated during the period of the Western Chalukya (or Kalyani Chalukyas) king Someswara I, and it flourished for a period of 150 years (During 1050 to 1200 CE) during which about 50 temples were built. some of the examples are The Trikuteshwara temple (complex) at Gadag, Kasivisvesvara temple, Lakkundi, Doddabasappa Temple at Dambal, Amriteshwara temple at Annigeri.

Gadag inscription[edit]

  • The 'Gadag inscription'[3] of Vikramaditya VI, records that Taila took the head of Panchala by the terror of the pride of his arm in battle.
  • The inscription[3] reveals that the battle was fought on the bank of the Godavari & ocean river and a certain Kesava (son of Madhava), fought in the battle and won Taila’s admiration.
  • At the command of Sattiga (Satyashraya) in 1006 A.D., a Lenka Keta fell fighting at the battle of Unukallu, probably against the Cholas. An inscription',[3] dated in Saka 930 (1008 A.D.) of the reign of Satyashraya refers to the siege of the agrahara Kaldugu in the Belvola 300 by Desinga and the destruction of the forces because of the treachery of king Perggade.
  • The inscription[3] of Ballala recounts his victory as And by force, he, the strong one, defeated with cavalry only, and deprived of his sovereignty, the general Brahmana whose army was strengthened by an array of elephants and who acquired 60 tusked elephants with a single tuskless elephant, when, on account of an insult, he was tearing the royal fortune from the family of the Kalachuris of Kalyani.


  • Printing and hand looms are the primarily main business. Majority of population dependent on agriculture.


Saraswati temple at Trikuteshwara temple complex Gadag, Karnataka
  • Trikuteshwara temple complex has triple shrines, once housing Shiva, Brahma and Surya. The Saraswathi temple has the finest shining decorative pillars, and the Saraswathi image, and is one of the largest examples of Chalukya art.

Someshwara and Rameshwara temples, built in the Chalukya style, are also present.

  • Veeranarayana temple dates from the Chalukya era. The great Kannada poet Kumara Vyasa composed his famous Mahabharatha (known as Kumaravyasa Bharata or Gadugina Bharata) in this temple.

Notable citizens[edit]

Freedom movement[edit]

This is also the land of great freedom fighters like Huilgol Narayana Rao and Shankar Rao Kampli who along with other freedom fighters founded "Azad Hind Seva Dal" which contributed a lot to the nations struggle for freedom.


  • Girmit - Made with puffed rice, this is a mandatory snack for the visitors of Gadag, People of all age groups love this snacks.
  • Brinjal and Chilly Bhajji which is available opposite to Tontadarya Math are mind blowing and mesmerizing.
  • Savaji restaurants are very famous for NON-VEG cuisine.


As of 2011 India census,[10] Gadag-Betageri had a population of 172,813. Males constitute 86,165 of the population and females 86,648. Gadag-Betageri has an average literacy rate of 85.56%. The Sex ratio is about 1006 feamles per 1000 males to females. 18,419 of the population is under 6 years of age.

Kannada is the main & widely spoken language, English & Hindi(Urdu) are also spoken and understood.



Hubli Airport is the nearest airport, which is about 60 km from Gadag, And future plans are running from Karnataka Government to set up A small Airport in Gadag to serve for the twin city Of Gadag-Betageri, It will be named As Gadag Airstrip[4]


Gadag comes under the South Western Railway zone of the Indian Railways, Gadag is a Junction station on Hubli-Hospet-Guntukal railway line. It connects to Hotgi junction on Pune-Solapur-Wadi railway line. Major tourist centres like Badami and Bijapur lie on the Gadag-Hotgi railway line. The Gadag-Hotgi railway track was converted from metre gauge to broad gauge in stages and completed in December 2008.

Gadag buses & Trains[edit]

  • Gadag -Pandharpur (Newly announced in Railway Budget 2014-15)
  • Bangalore-Hubli Hampi Express
  • Tirupati-Kolhapur Haripriya Express
  • Bangalore-Solapur Golgumbaz Express
  • Hyderabad-Kolhapur Express
  • Solapur-Hubli Express
  • Howrah-Vasco Amaravathi Express
  • Vijayawada-Hubli Express
  • Mysore-Shirdi Express
  • Yesvantpur-Ahmedabad Express
  • Yesvantpur-Ajmer Express
  • Yesvantpur-Jodhpur Express
  • Hubli - Secunderabad Express


NWKRTC Government City buses & green and black auto-rickshaws are the basic mode of transport in City.

  • Three-wheeled auto-rickshaws locally called Tum-Tum are major local transport.


Gadag has been a renowned centre of learning, with many famous high schools, colleges These include:

Engineering Colleges[edit]

  • Jagadguru Tontadarya College of Engineering, Gadag [11]
  • Rural Engineering College, Hulkoti, Gadag [12]
  • SMT Kamala sri Venkappa M Agadi College of Engineering and Technology, Laxmeshwar, Gadag.[13]
  • Anjuman - E - Islam Polytechnic, Mulgund Road, Gadag (Est.1983)[14]
  • S.T.S.K.K Polytechnic, Gadag
  • Government Polytechnic, Nagasamudra Road, Narsapura, Betageri, Gadag

Medical Colleges[edit]

  • Government Medical College & Hospital, Gadag.[15]
  • DGM Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Gadag.[16]
  • Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Gajendragad, Gadag.
  • Rajeev Gandhi Ayurvedic Medical College, Ron, Gadag.[17]
  • Shri SBS Ayurved Medical College, Mundaragi, Gadag.[18]

Management Colleges[edit]

  • Adarsha Shikshana Samiti's College of Business Administration(A.S.S. B.B.A. College), Gadag-Betgeri.
  • SMES Abdul Kalam College of Information Science and Management Gadag.[19]
  • Manorama College of Business Administration, Gadag.[20]
  • K L E'S J T COLLEGE OF B.B.A. Gadag.

Kanakadasa shikshana samiti's K.S.S.Arts,Science And Commerce College Gadag

Premier Education Colleges[edit]

  • Anjuman Islam P U Science & Commerce College
  • S. A. Manvi Law College, Gadag.
  • V.D.S.J.N.FINE ART COLLEGE, K.C.Rani road, Gadag.(Est. 1880)
  • KLE's J.T.College, Gadag.[21]
  • A S S Commerce College, Gadag.[22]
  • Municipal College, Gadag. (Est. 1880)
  • Krantiveer Sangolli Rayanna College, Gadag.[23]
  • Puttaraj Gawai's Musical College, Gadag.
  • Swami vivekananda PU Science College Huloti, Gadag.
  • J.C.S.S. PU College Gadag.
  • Shree Tontada Siddheshwara Pre-University, Koppal Road, Gadag.
  • Aryabahata pu college, gadag

Premier Education Schools[edit]

  • K.L.E society CBSE school,Gadag
  • C.D.O Jain English Medium School
  • Gadag Public School, Gadag.
  • IID's Jaycee Primary and High School, Gadag Betageri.
  • St. John's Primary & High School, Health camp, Gadag Betageri.
  • Loyola Convent and High School, Health camp, Gadag Betageri.
  • Municipal High School (Est. 1885)
  • Rajasthan Jain English medium school . Gadag
  • Jagdguru Tontadarya Primary School
  • VDSTC Boys High School Gadag
  • B.A.V. Sarvoday primory School Kalasapur road, Gadag. (Est. 2000)
  • Sri Ramakarunananda English Medium School Binkadakatti, Gadag.
  • Sri Rajeshwari Vidyaniketan English Medium School Hulkoti, Gadag.
  • Sri Basaveshwar Prathamika School, Govt. high school Shidhalingnagar(Hudco Colony) Gadag
  • Sri C S Patil high school, K C Rani Road Gadag.
  • Anglo Urdu Boy's High School Gadag.
  • Anglo Urdu Girl's High School Gadag.
  • Rajguru Academy Gadag- EuroKids International School
  • Bipin Chikkatti English Medium High School, Adavisomapur, Gadag
*Aman English medium high school,Idga maidan vivekanand road gadag
  • Ali Public School. Gadag
  • Royal English medium school Chikkahandigol road near Rehamatnagar(Gangimadi-road Newly named Totappa narayanpur road) Gadag


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