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Gadalla Gubara is a Sudanese filmmaker who has been making films since 1946. He is considered the first African filmmaker and has been a pioneer of African cinema.[citation needed] His daughter, Sarah Gubara, is considered Sudan's first female film director.[1]

Cinema in Sudan: Conversations with Gadalla Gubara

Genre: Documentary / history / Duration: 1 x 52’ Producer / Director: Frederique Cifuentes

Frédérique ’s first documentary film, Cinema in Sudan: Conversations with Gadalla Gubara, builds up a portrait of a great Sudanese film-maker, Gadalla Gubara (1920 – 2008). He was still working at the age of eighty-eight - one of the pioneers of cinema in Africa.

He lost his sight at the age of 80 years but still continued to film life in Sudan as no one before him. Through his oeuvre, Gadalla reveals to us a Sudan both mysterious and misunderstood.

Despite censorship and lack of financial support over sixty years, he produced cinema that is independent and unique in a country where freedom of expression is a rare luxury.

The film “Conversations with Gadalla Gubara” retraces the struggle of a man who received the 2006 Award for Excellence for his career at the Africa Academy Awards, Nigeria.

The film shows a unique collection of archive footage and stills photography from one of the founding fathers of African cinema.

Gadalla was a person with a unique character: a Sudanese of great charm, caustic in his criticism of film-making, a humorist of refinement whose blindness had not tempered the rebel in him.


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