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Gadget & the Gadgetinis
Gadget and the Gadgetinis.jpg
Genre Animation
Created by Jean Chalopin
Written by Jean Chalopin
Teddy Anasti
Pasty Anasti
Directed by Bruno Bianchi
Voices of Maurice LaMarche
Ellen Kennedy
Tegan Moss
Colin Murdock
Teryl Rothery
Opening theme Gadgetinis Theme song
Ending theme Credits with Gadgetinis Theme song
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Jacquline Tordjiman
Producer(s) Bruno Bianchi
Running time About 22 minutes
Production company(s) DIC Entertainment
SIP Animation
DHX Media
Distributor DHX Media
Original channel YTV
Picture format Animation
First shown in Canada
Original release September 1, 2001 – December 27, 2003
Related shows Inspector Gadget

Gadget & the Gadgetinis is a Canadian–French TV series spinoff of the 1983 series Inspector Gadget, developed by DiC Entertainment in cooperation with Haim Saban's SIP Animation and released in 2002. There are 52 episodes. Gadget & the Gadgetinis is now property of DHX Media after Cookie Jar Group was bought by DHX Media.


Having been recruited by an elite international peacekeeping group, the World Organization of Mega Powers (WOMP), Lieutenant Inspector Gadget fights crime with a pair of mechanical assistants, the Gadgetinis. Fidget (orange) and Digit (blue) are small robotic versions of Inspector Gadget who were created by 12-year-old Penny, and who are the unintended victims of Gadget's bumbling.


The original creators of Inspector Gadget reunited for this series. Andy Heyward initiated the concept and was one of the executive producers; Jean Chalopin created/developed the show and wrote or co-wrote every episode; while Bruno Bianchi designed the main characters as well as directing and producing the series. Gadget & the Gadgetinis follows basically the same plot as the original series, with the dim witted Gadget attempting to fight crime while Penny and her helpers do all the work. Dr. Claw appears less frequently and there are new villains for the group to contend with.

While Brain and Chief Quimby are mostly absent from the show, they do appear in pictures in Gadget's house. Each also appears as a special guest, and only in one episode each. Brain appears in episode 36, No Brainer which reveals that, having been traumatized after years of pain while saving Gadget, he retired from crime-fighting to live in a riverside house. The mere mention of the word "gadget" is enough to drive him frantic. Brain was also mentioned in the episode, Roverre. Chief Quimby appears in episode 45, Super Boss Gadget. They both appear on TV in the episode, Too Many Gadgets.

The French end credits to the series show a series of sketches of Penny going to visit Brain at his riverside home. The pair enjoy an emotional reunion.

Maurice LaMarche continued as Gadget's voice, reprising his role from the "Sunday Movie Toon", "Inspector Gadget's Last Case", as did Brian Drummond (Dr Claw) and Tegan Moss (Penny).

Jean-Michel Guirao composed the musical underscore, and the main title song for the English-speaking version was written and performed by Mike Piccirillo. However, the Canadian and French theme songs for "Gadgetinis" were explicitly different: The French version's theme, composed by Noam Kaniel and David Vadant, sounded very close to Shuki Levy and Haim Saban's original Inspector Gadget theme, and was in fact based on the original series' theme song. (The French end credits for the show state: "Musique des génériques: Noam Kaniel, David Vadant, K.I.A. productions. D'après le "Thème de l'Inspecteur Gadget". Musique originale de Haim Saban et Shuki Levy.") The reason this was possible - even though DiC Entertainment (which owned Inspector Gadget) no longer had the rights to Levy and Saban's theme music - is probably that Gadget & the Gadgetinis was produced primarily by the French animation studio SIP Animation, owned by Haim Saban.


Main characters[edit]

Lt. Gadget

  • Now working for WOMP as a Lieutenant, Gadget is still the same bumbling detective cyborg he was in the 1983 series, except he has been upgraded with several new gadgets. He is usually oblivious of MAD's interference in missions, sometimes making it easier for them to continue with Dr. Claw's evil plans, but they are nearly always thwarted. Gadget may not be very bright, but deep down, he cares deeply about his family and will often take risks to protect everyone and everything around him, especially Penny, who he sees as his daughter. Gadget's appearance is somewhat different from his original design, as his hat and coat are now dark grey and his gloves are yellow. He also wears green sunglasses in most episodes. Voiced by Maurice LaMarche.

The Gadgetinis - Fidget and Digit are two small robots created by Penny in the likeness of Gadget. They frequently aid Gadget on his missions and each have their own arsenal of hidden gadgets and devices, including video communicators in their chest-pieces.


  • Fidget is the most easily spooked of the pair and is colored orange. He secretly wants to be a human, and often does things robots cannot do, such as express fear or sneeze, which Digit usually questions. He appears to have a crush on Penny.


  • Digit, the blue robot, is the smarter, sarcastic, and more literal of the Gadgetinis. He often reminds Fidget that he is a robot, not a human when Fidget does something that robots can't do.


  • Gadget's intelligent 12-year-old niece is the creator of the Gadgetinis. Though she does not always go with Gadget on missions, she often contacts her uncle and the Gadgetinis to offer advice and information from home. She usually does this from the attic, using her laptop computer and many other hi-tech tools, which replace her computer book. Penny sometimes accompanies Gadget and the Gadgetinis in the mission. She also usually corrects Fidget about being a robot and not a human and isn't as patient as she was in the original series, and has a bit if a short temper. Penny in this series occasionally plays the damsel-in-distress role as she did in the original series. Penny wears her hair in pigtails as she did in the original 1983 series.

Colonel Nozzaire

  • Nozzaire, a member of WOMP from France, is a former member of the French Foreign Legion. Nozzaire hates Gadget, as Nozzaire perceives him as stupid, which Gadget is oblivious to. Nozzaire constantly tries to partake in missions himself, only to get captured by MAD or become badly injured as a result of Gadget's interference.

General Sir

  • The leader of WOMP, the General assigns missions to Gadget. He and Gadget have a father-son relationship.[clarification needed] He is oblivious to Gadget's incompetence.

Doctor Claw

  • Unlike the original series, you can actually see his feet and torso from time to time, his gauntlets are now gold with black joints and knuckles, and with the MAD logo printed on them. Most of the time, instead of banging his hand on his desk, he scratches the arm of his chair when angered. Voiced by Brian Drummond.

Minor characters[edit]

Ms. Miffet

  • Secretary of General Sir. Just like Nozzaire, she is intolerant of Gadget and his antics because they often hurt or annoy her.


  • After years of working with Gadget, Brain is now phobic and nervous when he hears Gadget's name, and has taken refuge in a shack by a lake.

Chief Quimby

  • Now he's an agent of WOMP, working as General Sir's top informant of the Cryptic Intelligence Agency (an obvious parody of the real life Central Intelligence Agency, CIA). He still uses self destructing messages.

William "Billy" Thaw

  • Claw's nephew, whom he refers to as Uncle George. His father is the equally evil Dr. Thaw, who is currently frozen. He is taken care of by his grandmother, who wants him to grow up and not be evil like her and the other family members. When he finds out about the family secret, he contacts his grandmother to stop Claw from executing Gadget. He and Penny both have a crush on each other, as they both share the same interests, though their uncles are archenemies, which Gadget was completely oblivious to. ("Claw's Nephew")

Maryland Claw

  • Claw and Thaw's mother and William's grandmother. She first met Claw's father in jail, the same day Gadget's parents met. She has higher authority over Claw, even going as far as to stop him in his evil deeds. Dr Claw once had his MAD agents turned invisible so that they could try to rob her house, apparently to get some childhood trophies from her. Like her son, only her right hand is seen. But in Erasing Gadget, her face does appear when Gadget travels back in time.


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