Gadong B, Brunei-Muara

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Gadong 'B' is a mukim in the Brunei-Muara district of Brunei. It is located in the central western part of the Brunei-Muara district bordering Mukim Gadong 'A' to the north, Mukim Berakas 'A' to the north-east, Mukim Kianggeh to the east and south and Mukim Kilanas to the south and west.

Areas and divisions[edit]

Mukim Gadong 'B' includes these following areas:

  • Kampong Beribi
  • Kampong Kiarong
  • Kampong Kiulap
  • Perumahan Mata-Mata
  • Kampong Mata-Mata
  • Kampong Batu Bersurat
  • Kampong Menglait I
  • Kampong Menglait II

Note: As of July 2007 Mukim Gadong has officially been divided into two; Mukim Gadong 'A' which occupies the northern portion and Mukim Gadong 'B' which occupies the southern portion.

Coordinates: 4°31′34″N 114°37′09″E / 4.5262°N 114.6193°E / 4.5262; 114.6193