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Gaea is an impact crater on Amalthea, one of the small moons of Jupiter. The crater is 75 km wide and at least 10–20 km deep.[1] Its center coordinates are 50°S, 95°W.[2] Gaea is one of two named craters on Amalthea, the other being Pan.[2] It is named after the Greek goddess Gaia.[3]

Third of Gaea's interior is covered by a bright spot – the largest on Amalthea.[1] Its brightness is at least 2.3 times greater than outside. This spot is about 25 km wide and appear to be extended outside the crater.[2]

Gaea is located near the South pole of Amalthea, far south from the two bright areas, Lyctos Facula and Ida Facula, which are positioned on the slopes of a prominent mountain elongated along meridian.

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