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Gael Baudino (born 1955) is a contemporary American fantasy author who also writes under the pseudonyms of Gael Kathryns, Gael A. Kathryns, and G.A. Kathryns. She attended college at the University of Southern California.[1] Sometime before 1994 she converted from Dianic Wicca and became a Quaker.[2][3] As Gael Kathryns she contributed several instructional articles about harping to the Folk Harp Journal during the 1990s.[4]


The Dragonsword Trilogy[edit]

The Strands Series[edit]

The Water! series[edit]


  • Gossamer Axe (1990) ISBN 0-451-45025-6
  • The Borders of Life (1999) as G.A. Kathryns. ISBN 0-451-45574-6 This book is previewed in the back of Spires of Spirit with the working title of The Bournes of Life. The preview identifies Gael Baudino as the author rather than G.A. Kathryns.

Short stories[edit]

Nonfiction works[edit]

  • The Wire Strung Primer (as Gael Kathryns) - Raging Celt Productions, Englewood, Colorado, 1991
  • Interzone Science Fiction magazine #90 (1994), page 19-22. Interview by David V. Barrett: "Music and Magic"


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