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Gael Baudino (born 1955) is a contemporary American fantasy author who also writes under the pseudonyms of Gael Kathryns, Gael A. Kathryns, K.M. Tonso, and G.A. Kathryns. She attended college at the University of Southern California.[1] Sometime before 1994 she converted from Dianic Wicca and became a Quaker.[2][3] As Gael Kathryns she contributed several instructional articles about harping to the Folk Harp Journal during the 1990s.[4]


The Dragonsword Trilogy[edit]

The Strands Series[edit]

The Water! series[edit]


Short stories[edit]

Nonfiction works[edit]

  • The Wire Strung Primer (as Gael Kathryns) - Raging Celt Productions, Englewood, Colorado, 1991
  • Interzone Science Fiction magazine #90 (1994), page 19-22. Interview by David V. Barrett: "Music and Magic"


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