Gael Linn Cup 1964

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Gael Linn Cup 1964
Championship Details
Gael Linn Cup winners
Winners Munster (4th title)
Gael Linn Cup Runners-up
Runners-up Leinster
Matches played 3

The 1964 Gael Linn Cup, the most important representative competition for elite level participants in the women's team field sport of camogie, was won by Munster, who defeated Leinster in the final, played at Cahir.[1][2]


Peggy Dorgan scored 3–1 (she was to miss the final through injury) as five counties, all except Kerry, were represented on the Munster team that defeated Ulster by 7–3 to 2–4 at Roscrea. Connacht were unable to travel to meet Leinster and withdrew from the competition. In the other semi-final, The Griffin sisters, Terry and Kathleen, withdrew from the Munster team for the final at Cahir owing to the death of their father. The final was level four times before a Late Ann Carroll point enabled Munster to defeat Leinster 2–6 to 3–2 to retain the trophy. Agnes Hourigan wrote in the Irish Press:

Munster had more of the play territorially but faulty shooting cost them many scores. After a switch in the Leinster team between Judy Doyle and Mary Walsh brought a great rally and a goal and a point which put Leinster in front, Munster put in a great finish when they drew level and then went ahead with a point to snatch victory.


Final stages[edit]

25 October
Munster 2–8 – 3–2 Leinster


GK 1 Deirdre Sutton (Cork)
FB 2 Peg Moloney (Tipperary)
RWB 3 Bridie Giltenane (Limerick)
CB 4 Bridget Ryan (Limerick)
LWB 5 Anne Graham (Tipperary)
MF 6 Deirdre Young (Cork)
MF 7 Lilian Howlett (Waterford) (0–2)
MF 8 Teresa Murphy (Cork)
RWF 9 Ann Carroll (Tipperary) (0–2)
CF 10 Bernie Moloney (Tipperary) (1–0)
LWF 11 Kitty Murphy (Clare) (0–2)
FF 12 Rena Manley (Cork) (1–0)
GK 1 Concepta Clarke (Dublin)
FB 2 Mary Sinnott (Wexford)
RWB 3 Joan Murphy (Wexford)
CB 4 Ally Hussey (Dublin)
LWB 5 Kay Lyons (Dublin)
MF 6 Mary Walsh (Wexford)
MF 7 Pat Higgins (Kildare)
MF 8 Kay Ryder (Dublin)
RWF 9 Kitty Murphy (Louth) (1–0)
CF 10 Una O'Connor (Dublin) (2–0)
LWF 11 Judy Doyle (Dublin) (0–1)
FF 12 Claire Hanrahan (Killkenny) (0–1)


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