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Gaelco, S.A.
Sociedad Anónima
IndustryInteractive entertainment
FoundedOctober 1985
FounderLuis Jonama
Josep Quinglés
Javier Valero
ProductsArcade games and Video games (as "Gaelco")
Electronic dartboards (as "Gaelco Darts")

Gabinete Electrónico Consultivo, S.A., which translates to Electronic Consultative Cabinet, but is trademarked and better known as Gaelco, S.A. is a Spanish company that develops and publishes arcade games and video games. As of 2007, Gaelco develops electronic dart machines under the name of "Gaelco Darts".

List of Gaelco games[edit]

For Arcade[edit]

Title A.k.a. title In-house developing Third-party developing Year Notes
Xor World Yes No 1990 Prototype only.
Master Boy Yes No 1991 Its original version was developed in 1987.
Big Karnak Yes No 1991
Splash! Painted Lady No OMK 1992
Squash Yes No 1992
Thunder Hoop Yes No 1992
World Rally: Championship No Zigurat Software 1993
Glass No OMK 1993
Alligator Hunt Yes No 1994
Target Hits No Zigurat Software 1994
TH Strikes Back Thunder Hoop 2 Yes No 1994
Biomechanical Toy No Zeus Software 1995
Last KM No Zeus Software 1995 Unreleased title.[1]
Touch and Go Yes No 1995
World Rally 2: Twin Racing No Zigurat Software 1995
Maniac Square Yes No 1996 Its prototype was developed in 1992.
Snow Board Championship No OMK 1996
Speed Up Yes No 1996 First 3D Gaelco arcade game.
Surf Planet No Zigurat Software 1997
Radikal Bikers Yes No 1998
Bang! Gun Gabacho (JP) No Bit Managers 1998 Japanese distribution in 1999 by GM Shoji.
Rolling Extreme ROLLing (Street Luge) Yes No 1999
Football Power No Zigurat Software 2000
Smashing Drive Smashing Drive NYC - IIxM Yes No 2000
ATV Track ATV Track: Quads on Amazon Yes No 2002
Gaelco Football No Zigurat Software 2002
Tokyo Cop TOKYO COP Special Police Reinforcement Yes No 2003
Ring Riders Yes No 2004
Tuning Race Gaelco Championship TUNING RACE Yes No 2005 Last arcade game released by Gaelco.

For Platforms[edit]




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