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Cois Fharraige is an area west of Galway city where the Irish language is the predominant language (a Gaeltacht). It stretches from Na Forbacha, Bearna, An Spideal to Indreabhain. There are between 8,000-9,000 people living in this area.The Cois Fharraige accent is different from the Conamara Theas accent.

The number of Irish speakers ranges from 24% in Bearna and 84% in Cill Chuimín.

The HQ for the Gaeltacht development authority Udaras na Gaeltachta is located in Na Forbacha.

Bearna, once a Gaeltacht village, has become a suburb of Galway city due to its proximity, but there are still some Irish speakers in its hinterland. An Spideal is majority Irish speaking and is the tourism centre of the region. Near Indreabhain is Baile na hAbhann, the location for the Irish language TV station TG4.

Area Population Irish Speakers
Sliabh an Aonaigh 615 33% (204)
Na Forbacha 1,211 39% (476)
An Spidéal 1.196 67% (813)
Bearna 2,367 24% (586)
Cill Aithnín 806 78% (632)
Sailearna 1,241 82% (1,028)
Cill Chuimín 1,249 84% (1,054)
TOTAL 8,685 4,793


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