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Gaetano Cecere, (November 26, 1894 – 1985) American sculptor, born, educated and worked in New York City. He studied with Hermon A MacNeil, with work in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and Gaetano, known as Guy attended the Beaux-Arts Institute of Design and the National Academy of Design. In 1920 he won the Prix de Rome and studied at the American Academy in Rome for several years. During this period a "tendency to simplify forms for decorative effects was developed.".[1] Cecere has works collected by many major museums, from Classical to Contemporary, including the Smithsonian Institution, the "National Collection of Fine Arts" and the Archives of American Art".

He was a member of the National Sculpture Society.[2]

Selected works[edit]

Relief entitled Commerce and Industry on the former Federal Reserve Bank building in Jacksonville, Florida


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