Gaetano Saya

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Gaetano Saya

Gaetano Saya (born 1956 in Messina, Italy) is an Italian politician, former leader of the National Right, a ultranationalist far-right party. Saya has claimed he was a former member of Gladio, NATO's stay-behind anti-Communist network during the Cold War, involved in Italy's strategy of tension during the "Years of Lead."

Gaetano Saya was charged in November 2004 of hate speech diffused through his party website. He was arrested in 2005 by the prosecutor of Genova on charges of having constituted a "parallel police", named D.S.S.A. (Department of Anti-terrorism and Strategic Studies).[1][2][3] In 2011 was judged not guilty by the Prosecutor of the Court of Milan.


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