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Gaff (clothing)

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A homemade gaff, used by trans women and cross-dressers

A gaff is a piece of fabric, usually augmented by an elastic such as a rubber band, that is designed to hide a penile bulge and make the groin appear smoother and flatter.[1] It is usually worn by people who were assigned-male-at-birth (AMAB) who wish to wear feminine clothing, including trans women, gender-non-conforming, and other nonbinary individuals. Since the 2010s, underwear manufacturers have begun to design underwear with the same function as gaffs. Home-made gaffs are often made by cutting the ends off a single sock, then placing a pair of elastic loops through them.[2] The main function of gaffs (or underwear that replicates gaffs) is to hide a crotch bulge

Similar products


In 2019, Pornhub, an adult entertainment company, developed a boxer short brand that is designed with an inner lining that prevents erections from protruding through clothes, thus concealing the public visibility of the camel-back (penile genital bulge).[3]


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