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The word gag or the acronym GAG can refer to:


  • Gag, a laugh-provoking remark or act, or a prank or trick
  • Gag cartoon, a one-panel comic that is usually intended to have ridiculous happenings
    • Yonkoma, a four panel form of Japanese gag comic strip
  • Gag gift, an informal term for a practical joke device
  • Visual gag, a comedian's term for a joke, a comedic sketch or routine, or the visible effect of a magical illusion


  • Gag order, a writ or court order taken out with an intent to prevent information or comment from being made public
  • Gag rule, a part of court proceedings and congressional proceedings

Physical object[edit]

  • Gag, a device designed to prevent speech
  • Gag (BDSM) used in BDSM activities
  • Gag bit, a type of bit used for strong horses
  • Gag (medical device), a device used by dentists, surgeons and veterinarians to hold the patient's mouth open
  • A wind gag is a woolly windscreen put round a microphone to stop it from picking up wind noise.