Yuri Gagarin Secondary School

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Yuri Gagarin Secondary School
Russian: Средняя школа имени Юрия Гагарина
Kyrgyz: Юрий Гагарин атындагы орто мектеби
Coordinates 39°50′03″N 69°31′22″E / 39.8343°N 69.5229°E / 39.8343; 69.5229
School type Elementary, secondary, and high school
Established 1966; 51 years ago (1966)
Headmaster Anarbek Sadykov
Language Kyrgyz and Russian
Main building, Yuri Gagarin Secondary School.jpg
The main building of Yuri Gagarin Secondary School

Yuri Gagarin Secondary School (Russian: Средняя школа имени Юрия Гагарина; Kyrgyz: Юрий Гагарин атындагы орто мектеби) is a secondary school in Isfana, Kyrgyzstan.[1] Although the school is called a secondary school, it offers classes for grades one through eleven. The school has Russian and Kyrgyz classes.[2]

Yuri Gagarin Secondary School is named after the Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin. It is the only school in Isfana where students can complete the whole eleven-year school term in Russian. The current building of the school was completed in 1966.

General framework and curriculum[edit]

At Yuri Gagarin Secondary School, children are accepted to first grade at the age of six or seven, depending on the child's individual development. The eleven-year school term is split into elementary (grades 1-4), middle (grades 5-9) and senior (grades 10-11) classes. Attending a "basic" nine-year (elementary and middle) program is compulsory. Grades 10-11 are optional.

As in many parts of the country, at Yuri Gagarin Secondary School children of elementary classes are normally separated from other classes within their own floor of the school building. They are taught, ideally, by a single teacher through all four elementary grades (except for physical education and foreign languages).

Starting from the fifth grade, each academic subject is taught by a dedicated specialty teacher. The school curriculum for senior students includes subjects like mathematics, informatics, physics, chemistry, geography, biology, arts, music, physical education, history, and astronomy. English is taught as a foreign language starting from the fifth grade.

Like many other schools in Kyrgyzstan, Yuri Gagarin Secondary School is a double shift school where two streams of students (morning shift and evening shift) share the same facility. The reason for this is that school capacity is insufficient to teach all of the students on a normal, morning-to-afternoon, schedule.

The school year extends from the beginning of September to the end of May and is divided into four terms. The school curriculum at Yuri Gagarin Secondary School is fixed: unlike in some Western countries, schoolchildren cannot choose what subjects to study. Students are graded on a five-step scale, ranging in practice from 2 ("unacceptable") to 5 ("excellent"); 1 is a rarely used sign of extreme failure. Teachers regularly subdivide these grades (i.e. 4+, 5-) in daily use, but term and year results are graded strictly 2, 3, 4, or 5.

Medium of instruction[edit]

Yuri Gagarin Secondary School offers classes in Russian and Kyrgyz. It is the only school in Isfana where students can complete the whole eleven-year school term in Russian.


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