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Gahana Vije, (Odia: ଗହନ ବିଜେ) is the ceremonial visit which is done by once in a generation of Gajapati Queens of Odisha where they do special Puja to Lord Jagannatha.


The ceremony includes many restrictions inside the Jagannath Temple, Puri. The queen can have darshan of the Lord as much as she can but she can perform ritual only once in her lifetime [1] At that time, all the aged priests and public should vacate the temple,[2] and only one Brahmin boy and two Brahmin married ladies should accompany the queen to the Sanctum sanctorum.[3] Then all other princely states of Odisha are invited to be present in Puri. The queen comes in a closed palanquin so that no body can witness her. Processions and martial arts are also performed before the palanquin. After coming to temple, all the gates are closed and queen makes special Puja to the sibling deities. Finally she is accompanied by His Highness Gajapati Maharaja to the Royal Palace.


Last time in 2007 the present queen of Gajapati Shri Divyasingha Deva, Shrimati Leelavati Pattamahadevi at the age of 51 came for such Gahana vije. In 1966 her mother-in-law Shrimati Suryamani Pattamahadevi had her gahana vije on 26 October 1966. and on 18 September 1933 the then queen Chandramani Pattamahadei had visited the temple in gahana vije.[4]


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