Gaijin 2: Love Me as I Am

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Gaijin 2: Love Me As I Am
Gaijin - Ama-me Como Sou Poster.jpg
Directed byTizuka Yamasaki
Written byTizuka Yamasaki
  • Ponto Filmes
  • Scena Filmes
Release date
  • September 2, 2005 (2005-09-02)
Running time
131 minutes
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
BudgetR$10 million[1]
Box officeR$388,800[2] (Brazil only)

Gaijin 2: Love Me As I Am (Portuguese: Gaijin – Ama-me Como Sou) is a 2005 Brazilian drama film directed by Tizuka Yamasaki. It is the sequel of Gaijin: Roads to Freedom (1980), also directed by Yamasaki.

The film is set in 1908 and tells the story of Japanese immigrants who come to work on a coffee plantation in Brazil. There, they will need to adapt to the conditions and exploitations of the farm owners.[3] The film was shot in a scenographic city in Londrina, and in locations of Curitiba, Maringá, Foz do Iguaçu, Paranaguá, and Cambará.[4]


In 1908 Titoe (Kyoko Tsukamoto) arrives in Brazil, a Japanese coming to the country in attempt to get money from work and then return to Japan to be able to follow her life in the home country. In 1935, now with her daughter Shinobu (Nobu McCarthy) born and without enough money to return to Japan, Titoe decides to buy her first plot of land in Londrina. The Second World War, and its consequences for Japan end up further delaying Titoe's plans to return to the country, especially after Kazumi and Maria (Tamlyn Tomita), her grandchildren were born. Maria marries Gabriel (Jorge Perrugoría), son of a Spanish father and Italian mother, with whom he has two children: Yoko (Lissa Diniz) and Pedro. The business of Gabriel is going well, until the seizure made by the Collor Government in 1990 leads to bankruptcy. Without alternatives, Maria and the children will live with Titoe while Gabriel embarks to Kobe, intending to work temporarily and raise money for the family.[5]


  • Tamlyn Tomita as Maria Yamashita
  • Jorge Perugorría as Gabriel Damazo Bravo Salinas
  • Nobu McCarthy as Shinobu Yamashita
  • Kyoko Tsukamoto as Titoe Yamada
  • Eda Nagayama as Shinobu Yamashita - jovem
  • Kissei Kumamoto as Sensei Yamashita / Kazumi
  • Luís Melo as Ramon Salina Bravo Salinas
  • Zezé Polessa as Gina
  • Louise Cardoso as Sofia Damazo Bravo Salinas
  • Mariana Ximenes as Weronica Müller
  • Aya Ono as Batyan
  • Lissa Diniz as Yoko Salinas
  • Carlos Takeshi as Vicente
  • Eijiro Ozaki as Kunihiro
  • Felipe Kannenberg as George Müller
  • Keniti Kaneko as Jiro Kobayashi
  • Ryogo Suguimoto as Ken
  • Dado Dolabella as Brother

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