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Gail Z. Martin
Born (1962-12-01) December 1, 1962 (age 54)
Meadville, Pennsylvania
Pen name Gail Z. Martin
Occupation Writer
Nationality American
Alma mater BA Grove City College
M.B.A. Pennsylvania State University
Period 2007–present
Genre Urban fantasy, epic fantasy

Gail Zehner Martin (born December 1, 1962) is an American writer of epic fantasy and urban fantasy and is most well known for her The Chronicles of The Necromancer fantasy adventure series for Solaris Books and Double Dragon Publishing.


Martin was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania and she received her BA in history from Grove City College in 1984, and an M.B.A. in Marketing and Management Information Systems from Pennsylvania State University in 1986.[1][2] She worked for seventeen years as a VP of Corporate Communications and other marketing roles before founding DreamSpinner Communications in 2003.[3]

In addition to her fiction writing, Martin writes feature articles for regional and national magazines and teaches public relations writing and public speaking for the University of North Carolina - Charlotte.[1]

Her first story was about a vampire, which she wrote at age five.[1] She also enjoyed watching Dark Shadows and Lost in Space in preschool.[1] In college she started a fanzine and is a regular attendee of science fiction/fantasy conventions, Renaissance fairs and living history sites.[1]

She married Larry N. Martin in 1987 and has three children.[3]


Ascendant Kingdoms Saga[edit]

  1. Ice Forged. January 2013.
  2. Reign of Ash. April 2014.
  3. War of Shadows. April 2015.
  4. Shadow and Flame. 2016.

The Chronicles of the Necromancer[edit]

  1. The Summoner. January 2007.
  2. The Blood King. January 2008.
  3. Dark Haven. January 2009.
  4. Dark Lady's Chosen. January 2010.

Fallen Kings Cycle[edit]

  1. The Sworn. January 2011.
  2. The Dread. February 2012.

Stand-alone titles[edit]

  • Vendetta . January 2016.
  • Iron and Blood. July 2015.
  • Bleak Harvest. March 2015.
  • Brigands. February 2015.
  • Cursed. December 2014.
  • Death Plot. December 2014.
  • Haunts. November 2014.
  • Bad Blood. September 2014.
  • Bad Memories. September 2014.
  • Collector. July 2014.
  • Deadly Curiosities. June 2014.
  • Wicked Dreams. June 2014.
  • Coffin Box. May 2014.
  • Dark Passage. April 2014.
  • Dead Man's Bet. March 2014.
  • Bad Places. February 2014.
  • Monstrosities. January 2014.
  • Buttons. December 2013.
  • The Low Road. November 2013.
  • Among The Shoals Forever. October 2013.
  • Stormgard. September 2013.
  • Blood's Cost. July 2013.
  • Dark Legacy. July 2013.
  • Wild Hunt. July 2013.
  • Bounty Hunter. June 2013.
  • Storm Surge. May 2013.
  • Caves Of The Dead. March 2013.
  • Raider's Curse. February 2013.
  • Steer a Pale Course. February 2013.
  • Vanities. February 2013.


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Awards and reception[edit]

Ascendant Kingdoms Saga[edit]

SF Signal felt that Ice Forged "Starts out with the swagger of a disaster/post-apocalyptic/fantasy hybrid but undergoes an unappealing change of course at the 2/3 mark and ends with a whimper,"[4] while a Publishers Weekly review felt it suffered from an "inflated dialogue-to-action ratio."[5]

Publishers Weekly said that the extensive cast of characters and detailed action in War of Shadows were "...both strengths and weaknesses." They further said: "Colorful descriptions of vivid battle and magic scenes, complete with terrifying fantastic creatures, and complex familial and political relationships will reward the motivated reader, but when characters speculate on the actions of their adversaries it slows an already unwieldy story."[6]

The Chronicles of the Necromancer[edit]

In Fantasy Magazine's review of Dark Haven, Richard Dansky explored the novel's world-building versus character development, saying "Fans of world-building will probably find it lightweight, while fans of characters will be much more engaged."[7]

Fallen Kings Cycle[edit]

A Publishers Weekly review called found book one, The Sworn, "fun and accessible, if hardly groundbreaking...There's little plotwise that will surprise fantasy veterans, but it's a solidly told story and very friendly to new readers."[8] However, it found The Dread, "Ambitious in scope and meticulous in detail, this adventure has no shortage of intrigue and action. Unfortunately, it’s bogged down by a sizable cast, myriad plot lines, and a slow start."[9]

Deadly Curiosities

“One of the most action-packed stories I've read for a while … one of the best starts to an urban fantasy series that I've read in the last year”—The Book Bundle on Deadly Curiosities [10]

"A few loose threads leave the impression that this is the first of many adventures for Cassidy and her team, and a refreshing lack of interpersonal and sexual drama will appeal to longtime fans of paranormal mysteries."—Publisher’s Weekly on Deadly Curiosities



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