Gailberg Saddle

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Gailberg Saddle
Gailberg Saddle is located in Alps
Gailberg Saddle
Gailberg Saddle
Location of the Gailberg Saddle
Elevation981 m (3,219 ft)
Traversed byB110
Coordinates46°42′50″N 12°58′05″E / 46.71389°N 12.96806°E / 46.71389; 12.96806Coordinates: 46°42′50″N 12°58′05″E / 46.71389°N 12.96806°E / 46.71389; 12.96806

The Gailberg Saddle (German: Gailbergsattel) (el. 981 m.) is a high mountain pass in the Austrian Alps in the Bundesland of Kärnten (or Carinthia).

It connects Oberdrauburg in the north with Kötschach-Mauthen in the south. It leads to the Dolomites in the south.

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