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The Gainesville Improv Festival, or GIF, is a four-day-long festival in Gainesville, Florida which celebrates improvisational and sketch theater. Its mission is to share the culture and traditions of the vibrant Gainesville improvisation scene with the rest of the national improv community.[1][not in citation given] In addition to the showcase component, the festival also fosters an educational component which has previously featured instructors from all over the US.


The Gainesville Improv Festival was created by Skyler Stone and Tom O'Donnell in 2005 as a way to give back to the Gainesville improv community. As alumni of the University of Florida, Skyler and Tom discovered improv through the university's improv troupe Theatre Strike Force.


  • GIF 2005 - November 17-20, 2005 Eddie C's, Thomas Center, and The Unified Training Center
  • GIF 2006 - October 18-22, 2006 The Acrosstown Repertory Theatre
  • GIF 2007 - October 10-13, 2007 The Acrosstown Repertory Theatre
  • GIF 2009 - January 21-24, 2009 Phillips Center for Performing Arts Blackbox[2]
  • GIF 2010 - January 20-23, 2010 [3]
  • GIF 2011 - January 19-22, 2011 Common Grounds and the Phillips Center for Performing Arts Blackbox[4]

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