Gainsborough, New South Wales

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Gainsborough, New South Wales, Australia is a residential estate forming part of the suburb of Kiama Downs in the Municipality of Kiama. This is a relatively new urban area bordering Kiama Downs and Jamberoo. A new section of the Princes Highway was opened to the west of Gainsborough in late 2005. The name Gainsborough is derived from the original estate name of the development which was based on painters names, you can find many artists names in the suburban streets of Gainsborough. The Gainsborough Estate was developed by The Homes Corporation of Australia in the early 1980s and the nickname for the suburb was adopted by all of the residents.

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Coordinates: 34°38′S 150°51′E / 34.633°S 150.850°E / -34.633; 150.850