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This article is about the port in Greece. For the apostle, see Apostle Gaios. For the Greek basketball player, see Gaios Skordilis.
Rows of houses in Gaios, as seen from the strait
Street of Gaios
The natural port of Gaios, created by the islet St Nicolas (islet) (center) resembles a fjord. Panoramic view of both entrances: Islet and monastery of Panagia to the North (left) and main settlement to the center and South (right).

Gaios (Greek: Γάιος, pronounced [ˈɣaʝos]) is the main port on Paxos, the smallest of the seven principal Ionian Islands, in Greece. Gaios is situated on the east coast of the island. It is named after a homonymous pupil of Paul the Apostle, who brought Christianity to the island.

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Coordinates: 39°12′N 20°11′E / 39.200°N 20.183°E / 39.200; 20.183