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Gairwah is grand village which consists of 12 small villages and it is one of the biggest villages of Jaunpur district. Main source of village is farming. The village consists many mohalla with interesting names like Dubaana, Thakuraiya, Nauana, Baniyawta,Ahirauti,Kurmiyana,Chamrauti,Bharauti,Panditana. Baba 'Gangadas ki kuti' is located at Western side of village, famous religious place of Jaunpur district. gairwah is having a big forest which is habitat of many species. gairwah is developing very fast because villager's are giving high quality education to their children's. Rambujharat singh inter college is leading educational institute in village. this village is having two primary schools also. Village is located in SHAHGANJ area, 16 kilometres from Tehsil Shahganj. The way to follow Jaunpur to Shahganj, then Sarai-Mohiuddinpur, then Gudbadi churaha on the Akhandnagar road.

Gairwah is a village in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India