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Gaita may refer to:

Musical instruments

  • Gaita (bagpipe), various types of bagpipes common to northern Spain and Portugal:
    • Gaita asturiana, a bagpipe used in the Spanish provinces of Asturias, northern León and western Cantabria
    • Galician gaita, or gaita de foles, a bagpipe used in the Spanish provinces of Galicia, León, western Zamora, and in Trás-os-Montes, Portugal
    • Gaita alistana, a bagpipe used in Aliste, Zamora, north-western Spain.
    • Gaita cabreiresa, or gaita llionesa ("Leonese gaita"), an extinct but revived pipe native to León.
    • Gaita de boto, a bagpipe native to Aragon, distinctive for its tenor drone running parallel to the chanter
    • Gaita de saco, or gaita de bota, a bagpipe native to Soria, La Rioja, Álava, and Burgos in north-central Spain. Possibly the same as the lost gaita de fuelle of Old Castile.
    • Gaita sanabresa, a bagpipe played in Puebla de Sanabria, in the Zamora province of western Spain
    • Gaita transmontana, also known as gaita-de-fole transmontana or gaita mirandesa ("Mirandese gaita"), a bagpipe native to the Trás-os-Montes region of Portugal
  • Gaita gastoreña, a hornpipe musical instrument native to El Gastor, Andalusia
  • Gaita navarra, a flute named after the Navarre region of Spain
  • Colombian gaita (gaita colombiana), the Spanish name for kuisi, fipple flutes native to Colombia and parts of Panama



See also[edit]

  • Gaida, a Balkans bagpipe
  • Ghaita or Rhaita, a north-west African shawm like wind instrument