Gaither Vocal Band discography

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Gaither Vocal Band discography
Gaither Vocal Band, 2014
Studio albums 32
Live albums 1
Compilation albums 10
Video albums 14

This is a discography for the Gospel vocal group Gaither Vocal Band.


Year Album Peak chart position Members who performed Record label Record producer
1981 The New Gaither Vocal Band Gaither, Steve Green, Gary McSpadden, Lee Young Dayspring
1983 Passin' The Faith Along Gaither, Green, McSpadden, Jon Mohr
1984 New Point of View Gaither, McSpadden, Mohr, Larnelle Harris
1986 One X 1 Gaither, McSpadden, Harris, Michael English Word Nashville Keith Thomas
1988 Wings Gaither, McSpadden, English, Jim Murray Star Song Billy Smiley
1990 A Few Good Men 23 Gaither, English, Murray, Mark Lowry Larry Goss
1991 Homecoming 30 Ken Mansfield
1993 Peace of the Rock Gaither, English, Lowry, Terry Franklin Cheryl Rogers
Southern Classics 33 Benson
1994 Testify 35 Gaither, Lowry, Buddy Mullins, Jonathan Pierce Chapel Keith Compton, Michael Sykes, Gaither
1995 Southern Classics: Volume II Gaither, Lowry, Pierce, Guy Penrod
1997 Back Home in Indiana [LIVE] 21 Spring Hill
Lovin' God & Lovin' Each Other 8 Michael Sykes, Gaither, Penrod
1998 Still the Greatest Story Ever Told 16 Gaither, Lowry, Penrod, David Phelps
1999 God is Good 4 Michael Sykes, Guy Penrod
2000 I Do Believe Sykes, Gaither, Penrod
2002 Everything Good 8 Gaither, Penrod, Phelps, Russ Taff Springhouse
2003 A Cappella 7 Gaither Music Group Gaither, David Phelps
2006 Give It Away 6 Gaither, Penrod, Marshall Hall, Wes Hampton Tommy Sims, Gaither, Sykes, English
2007 Together [with Ernie Haase & Signature Sound] 4 Larry Goss, Ernie Haase
2008 Lovin’ Life 6 Marshall Hall, Wes Hampton, Penrod
Christmas Gaither Vocal Band Style 13 Russell Mauldin
2009 Gaither Vocal Band Reunion (vol. 1 & 2) 1 Current and former members Bill Gaither
Reunited 3 Gaither, English, Lowry, Phelps, Hampton David Phelps
2010 Better Day (Live) 5 Bill Gaither
Greatly Blessed 2 Gaither, English, Phelps
2011 I Am a Promise Gaither, Ben Isaacs
2012 Pure and Simple Gaither, Isaacs, Phelps, English
2014 Hymns Gaither, Isaacs, Phelps
The New Edition Gaither, Phelps, Hampton, Adam Crabb, Todd Suttles
Sometimes It Takes a Mountain
2015 Happy Rhythm
2016 Better Together


Some contain additional new material or alternate versions of the original albums.

  • 1989: The Best from the Beginning (Word)
  • 1994: The King is Coming (Benson)
  • 1995: Can't Stop Talkin' About Him (Star Song)
  • 1999: Classic Moments from the Gaither Vocal Band – Volume 1 (Benson)
  • 1999: Classic Moments from the Gaither Vocal Band – Volume 2 (Benson)
  • 2003: 8 Great Hits (Sparrow)
  • 2004: The Best of the Gaither Vocal Band (Gaither Music Group)
  • 2013: Icon (Spring House/Universal Music)
  • 2015: Christmas Collection (Gaither Music Group)
  • 2016: The Ultimate Playlist (Gaither Music Group) – available online only

Appearances on other albums[edit]

  • 1998: The Apostle original soundtrack: "There Is a River"
  • 1998: Faithful, The Cathedrals: "Heaven's Joy Awaits"
  • 2000: 50 Years, The Happy Goodmans: "Bein' Happy", "Give Up"
  • 2001: Greatest Moments with the Christ Church Choir
  • 2001: Encore, Old Friends Quartet: "Unbelievable Friend", "A Few Good Men"
  • 2001: On Broadway, Mark Lowry: "Bein' Happy", "Let Freedom Ring", "Mary, Did You Know?"
  • 2005: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound: "Where No One Stands Alone, "Oh! What A Time"
  • 2007: Get Away, Jordan, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound: "Search Me Lord", "Home", "He Touched Me"
  • 2007: Don't Let Me Miss The Glory, Gordon Mote: "Get Up In Jesus' Name"
  • 2009: Pilgrimage, Larry Gatlin and The Gatlin Brothers: "He Brought Her Back"
  • 2009: Jason Crabb, Jason Crabb: "Daystar"
  • 2011: The Song Lives On, Jason Crabb
  • 2011: Brighter One, Marshall Hall: ":30"
  • 2012: Classic, David Phelps: "The Dream", "Swing Down Chariot", "Glorious Impossible", "You Are My All In All"
  • 2013: All Things New, Gordon Mote: "Down To The River"
  • 2015: Freedom, David Phelps: "When We All Get Together With The Lord", "Your Time Will Come"
  • 2016: Circuit Rider, Mark Lowry: "Against The Grain"


Year Title Members who performed Certifications
1991 Homecoming Gaither, Michael English, Jim Murray, Mark Lowry
1993 Live at Praise Gathering Gaither, Michael English, Mark Lowry, Terry Franklin
1997 Back Home in Indiana Gaither, Mark Lowry, Guy Penrod, Jonathan Pierce
1998 Hawaiian Homecoming Gaither, Mark Lowry, Guy Penrod, David Phelps
2002 I Do Believe
2003 Australian Homecoming Gaither, Russ Taff, Guy Penrod, David Phelps
2006 Give It Away Gaither, Marshall Hall, Wes Hampton, Guy Penrod
2007 Together Gaither, Hall, Hampton, Penrod (with Ernie Haase & Signature Sound) Gold
2009 Reunion Volumes 1 & 2 Various Gold
2010 Reunited Gaither, Michael English, Wes Hampton, Mark Lowry, David Phelps Gold
Better Day
2013 Pure And Simple Volumes 1 & 2
2015 Sometimes it Takes a Mountain Gaither, David Phelps, Wes Hampton, Adam Crabb, Todd Suttles
Happy Rhythm

Homecoming video performances[edit]

  • 1989: A Praise Gathering: "He Touched Me", "Holy Highway", "Hear My Song, Lord"
  • 1993: Old Friends: "The Old Gospel Ship"
  • 1994: Landmark: "The Old Landmark"
  • 1994: Precious Memories: "Had It Not Been"
  • 1995: When All Of God's Singers Get Home: "I Shall Wear A Crown"
  • 1995: Sunday Meetin' Time: "Home Where I Belong"
  • 1996: Ryman Gospel Reunion: "You And Me Jesus", "When Jesus Says It's Enough"
  • 1996: Sing Your Blues Away: "The Old Gospel Ship"
  • 1996: Homecoming Texas Style: "Yes, I Know"
  • 1996: Joy To The World: "New Star Shining"
  • 1996: Moments to Remember: "I'm Gonna Keep On"
  • 1997: Feelin'at Home: "Yes, I Know"
  • 1998: Singin’ With The Saints: "Singing With The Saints" "I Know Where I Am Now"
  • 1998: Rivers Of Joy: "Loving God, Loving Each Other"
  • 1998: Down By Tabernacle: "Tell Me", "The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor"
  • 1998: All Day Singin' At The Dome: "Satisfied", "I Believe In A Hill Called Mt. Calvary", "Alpha and Omega"
  • 1998: Atlanta Homecoming: "Where Could I Go", "Alpha And Omega"
  • 1999: Kennedy Center Homecoming: "Promises One By One", "The Star-Spangled Banner"
  • 1999: So Glad!: "Bein' Happy"
  • 1999: I'll Meet You On The Mountain: "There Is A Mountain"
  • 2000: Good News: "Good, Good News"
  • 2000: Harmony in the Heartland: "A House Of Gold"
  • 2000: Memphis Homecoming: "God Is Good All The Time", "Build An Ark"
  • 2000: Oh, My Glory!: "I Shall Wear A Crown", "Let Freedom Ring"
  • 2000: Irish Homecoming: "Whenever We Agree Together", "Satisfied (Hallelujah)", "It Is Finished"
  • 2000: Whispering Hope: "Singing With The Saints", "Child, You're Forgiven"
  • 2000: Christmas in the Country: "Mary Was The First One To Carry The Gospel"
  • 2000: Christmas... A Time for Joy: "The Christmas Song", "Mary, Did You Know?", "The King is Coming"
  • 2001: London Homecoming: "He Came Down To My Level", "The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference"
  • 2001: A Billy Graham Music Homecoming – Vol. 1: "The King Is Coming", "In That Great Gettin' Up Morning"
  • 2001: A Billy Graham Music Homecoming – Vol. 2: "Because He Lives", "He Touched Me"
  • 2001: Journey To The Sky: "The Love Of God"
  • 2001: Passin' The Faith Along: "Passin' The Faith Along", "Born Again"
  • 2001: Freedom Band: "Loving God, Loving Each Other"
  • 2001: Hymns: "Satisfied (Hallelujah)"
  • 2002: New Orleans Homecoming: "On The Authority"
  • 2002: God Bless America: "I'm Gonna Sing"
  • 2002: Let Freedom Ring: "When We All Get Together With The Lord", "The Pledge Of Allegiance", "Let Freedom Ring"
  • 2003: Going Home:"Knowing You'll Be There"
  • 2003: Red Rocks Homecoming: "Ridin' Down The Canyon", "It Is Finished"
  • 2003: Rocky Mountain Homecoming: "That's When The Angels Rejoice", "America the Beautiful", "These Are They"
  • 2003: A Gospel Bluegrass Homecoming Vol. 1: "Yes, I Know"
  • 2003: A Gospel Bluegrass Homecoming Vol. 2: "Knowing You'll Be There
  • 2004: Build A Bridge: "Let Freedom Ring"
  • 2005: Israel Homecoming: "Second Fiddle", "Holy Highway"
  • 2005: Jerusalem Homecoming: "Can't Stop Talkin' About Him", "These Are They"
  • 2006: Canadian Homecoming: "My Journey To The Sky", "Holy Highway", "Alpha And Omega"
  • 2006: Live From Toronto: "Bread Upon The Water", "I'll Tell It Wherever I Go", "Why Me", "I Bowed On My Knees"
  • 2006: Christmas In South Africa: "Jesus Loves Me", "Reaching", "Singing With The Saints"
  • 2006: Homecoming Christmas: "Give It Away", "The Glorious Impossible", "The King Is Coming"
  • 2007: Love Can Turn The World: "Love Can Turn The World", "There Is A River"
  • 2007: South African Homecoming: "My Lord And I", "Little Is Much When God Is In It", "Worthy The Lamb"
  • 2007: Amazing Grace: "I Then Shall Live"
  • 2008: A Campfire Homecoming: "Can't Stop Talkin' About Him", "Yes, I Know"
  • 2008: Homecoming Picnic: "I Heard It First On The Radio"
  • 2008: Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol. 1: "Child Forgiven"
  • 2008: Country Bluegrass Homecoming Vol. 2: "Jesus And John Wayne"
  • 2009: Joy In My Heart: "Bread Upon The Water"
  • 2010: Count Your Blessings: "Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored", "He Is Here"
  • 2010: Giving Thanks: "You Are My All In All"
  • 2011: Alaskan Homecoming: "Better Day", "Clean", "These Are They"
  • 2011: Majesty: "My Lord And I", "Satisfied (Hallelujah)"
  • 2011: Tent Revival Homecoming: "Jesus Hold My Hand", "He's Alive"
  • 2011: The Old Rugged Cross: "Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored", "That Sounds Like Home To Me"
  • 2012: Gaither Homecoming Celebration!: "Singing With The Saints", "Bein' Happy", "Faith Unlocks The Door/God Takes Good Care Of Me/Climbing Higher And Higher/Then I Met The Master (Medley)", "Loving God, Loving Each Other", "The King Is Coming"
  • 2016: "Give The World A Smile": "Working On A Building"
  • 2016: "Sweeter As The Days Go By": "You've Got A Friend", We'll Talk It Over"