Gaius Julius Cornutus Tertullus

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This article is about suffect consul of 100. For his son, see Gaius Julius Cornutus Tertullus the Younger.

Gaius Julius Cornutus Tertullus was the son of a prominent citizen from Perga, Gaius Julius Cornutus Bryonianus and there is a possibility that his mother’s name could have been Tertulla. He was born and raised in Attaleia (modern Antalya) in the Roman province of Pamphylia.

Tertullus served as a Roman Governor of Crete and Cyrene. After 70 the Roman Emperor Vespasian promoted him to Praetorian Rank. In the reign of Vespasian’s second son Domitian (81-96), Tertullus served as a Proconsul of Gallia Narbonensis.

In 98, Tertullus was appointed Prefect of the Treasury. His colleague in his appointment was his friend the historian and Roman Senator Pliny the Younger. In 100 Tertullus served as a suffect consul with Pliny.

Between 109-110, Tertullus conducted a census in Gallia Aquitania and between 112-115 served as a Proconsul of Bithynia and Pontus. Then again Tertullus served as a Proconsul of the Africa Province between 116-118. Tertullus married an unnamed Roman woman from this marriage had a son of the same name and a daughter called Julia Tertulla.