Gaius Memmius (consul 34 BC)

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Gaius Memmius (born c. 70 BC) was a Roman senator who was appointed suffect consul in 34 BC.


Gaius Memmius was the son of Gaius Memmius. His mother was Cornelia Fausta, thus making him a grandson of Lucius Cornelius Sulla, the former dictator of Rome.[1][2] A Novus homo, very little is known of his career, and it is unknown whether he was a supporter of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus or of Marcus Antonius. He was appointed consul suffectus in 34 BC, replacing Lucius Scribonius Libo. He was later appointed proconsular governor of Asia, sometime after 30 BC. During his period as governor, he erected a monument in honour of his grandfather, Sulla.[3]

Political offices
Preceded by
Lucius Scribonius Libo
Suffect Consul of the Roman Empire
34 BC
with Lucius Aemilius Lepidus Paullus (suffect)
Succeeded by
Marcus Herennius Picens (suffect)



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