Gaius Memmius Regulus

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Gaius Memmius Regulus was a Roman senator who lived during the 1st century in the Roman Empire.

Family background and early life[edit]

Regulus was a member of the Plebeian gens, Memmia. He was the son of Roman Senator, consul Publius Memmius Regulus and Lollia Paulina,[1] a woman of great beauty and considerable wealth. His father was the son of an elder Publius Memmius Regulus from his unnamed wife who originally was from Roussillon of the Roman province of Gallia Narbonensis. His mother was the second daughter of Marcus Lollius and the noble woman Volusia Saturnina.[2]

Regulus was born at an unknown date during the second half of the reign of the Roman emperor Tiberius. When his father served as a praefect of Achaea in 35, he and his father were honored with various statues. In 38, the Roman emperor Caligula forced his parents to divorce, so that Caligula could marry his mother for himself.[3][4]

Political career[edit]

Regulus served as an ordinary consul in 63 with Lucius Verginius Rufus during the reign of the Roman emperor Nero.[5] After his consulship, in 65 Regulus joined the priesthood of the Sodales Augustales and later in the Sodales Claudialium.[6]



Political offices
Preceded by
Quintus Junius Marullus,
and Titus Clodius Eprius Marcellus
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Lucius Verginius Rufus
Succeeded by
Titus Petronius Niger, and
Quintus Manlius Tarquitius Saturninus