Gajaba Regiment

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Gajaba Regiment
ActiveOctober 14, 1983 - Present
CountrySri Lanka
BranchSri Lanka Army
RoleInfantry/Light Role
Size22 battalions
Regimental CentreSaliyapura Camp, Anuradhapura.
Nickname(s)Keterians (Battle Axes)
Motto(s)‘Samagiya Shakthiyai' (Unity is Strength)
ColorsLight green
Anniversaries14 October (Regimental day)
EngagementsSri Lankan Civil War,
United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti
Decorations2 Parama Weera Vibhushanayas
Centre CommandantBrigadier WMJRK Senarathna
Colonel of
the Regiment
Maj Gen Shavendra Silva, WWV RWP RSP USP ndc psc
Major General Vijaya Wimalaratne RWP, RSP, VSP, USP, GR 
"GAJABA" shoulder tab

The Gajaba Regiment (GR) is an infantry regiment of the Sri Lankan Army. Formed when 1st Battalion the Rajarata Rifles and 1st Battalion the Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment were amalgamated in 1983. It is made up of six regular battalions and five volunteer battalions. Headquartered at Saliyapura Camp, Anuradhapura. It is named after a Sri Lankan famous warrior King Gajabahu the First.


The 1st battalion of the Regiment was formed on 14 October 1983 with the amalgamation of the Rajarata Rifles and Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment, under the command of Lt. Col. (later Major General) Vijaya Wimalaratne at Saliyapura Camp. The Cap badge of the Gajaba Regiment is designed with a shield, two Keteri (battle axes) and a Kandian powder flask. The regiment rapidly expanded due to the Sri Lankan Civil War, during which 3,500 officers and men of the regiment were killed.[1]

The regiment was awarded President's Colours by H.E. President Mahinda Rajapakse on 11 January 2007. In 2008 a detachment from the regiment was sent to take part in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti.[2]


Regular Army[edit]

  • 1st Gajaba Battalion
  • 3rd Gajaba Battalion
  • 6th Gajaba Battalion
  • 8th Gajaba Battalion
  • 9th Gajaba Battalion
  • 10th Gajaba Battalion
  • 12th Gajaba Battalion
  • 14th Gajaba Battalion
  • 16th Gajaba Battalion
  • 20th Gajaba Battalion
  • 21st Gajaba Battalion
  • 22nd Gajaba Battalion
  • 23rd Gajaba Battalion
  • 24th Gajaba Battalion
  • 26th Gajaba Battalion
  • 27th Gajaba Battalion [3]


  • 2nd(v) Gajaba Battalion
  • 5th(v) Gajaba Battalion
  • 7th(v) Gajaba Battalion
  • 11th(v) Gajaba Battalion
  • 15th(v) Gajaba Battalion
  • 17th(v) Gajaba Battalion
  • 18th(v) Gajaba Battalion
  • 19th(v) Gajaba Battalion

Recipient of the Parama Weera Vibhushanaya[edit]

Notable members[edit]

Order of precedence[edit]

Preceded by
Gemunu Watch
Order of Precedence Succeeded by
Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment

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