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Gakhal Pind (a.k.a Gakhalan) The village Gakhal is located in the state of Punjab, in district Jalandhar. The village is 3 km away from Jalandhar-Kala Sanghia and is 6 km away from the Jalandhar railway station. Many people know of Gakhal as Gill-Gakhal The most common surname of people in the village is Gakhal. In 2004, Gakhal had a population of 2,350.Gakhal pind is also known as Gakhalan.Gakhals are part of the jatt clan. Gakhal is a Jat clan from the state of Punjab. All Gakhal are from Gakhal Pind(as there is only one Gakhal pind in whole of Punjab). A big portion of the population of Gakhals have left Punjab to western nations like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Austraila for better economic opportunities. Amolak Singh Gakhal and Gakhal Brothers Entertainment Pvt Ltd are recent film producers who have produced the film "Second Hand Husband", starring big name actors such as Gippy Grewal, Tina Ahuja and Dharmendra.

Famous Gakhals Gakhal Pind is famous in Punjab for its great kabaddi sportsman. Some of these great sportsmen are:

Major Gakhal - Famous Kabaddi player, who now resides in England.

Tirath Gakhal - Famous Kabaddi player from Gakhal Pind, who now resides in USA.

Kulwant Gakhal - Son of Sardar Sucha Singh Gakhal (Raja) had been the first Gakhal who had come to Australia. Kulwant Gakhal is well known around Australia in the Punjabi Community.

What To See In Gakhal Pind... There are two Gurdwara Sahib's in Gakhal pind, they are Central Gurdwara Sahib Gakhal and Baba Sharan Das Ji.