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Gal, an alteration of girl, is a casual term for a woman.

Gal may also refer to:



  • Gál, a Hungarian surname
  • Andreas Gal (born 1976), German programmer
  • Dani Gal (born 1975), Israeli video artist
  • Dean Gal (born 1995), Israeli footballer
  • Edward Gal (born 1970), Dutch dressage rider
  • Gedalia Gal (born 1933), Israeli farmer and former politician
  • Igor Gal (born 1983), Croatian footballer
  • Jenny Gal (born 1969), Dutch-Italian judoka
  • Ludovic Gal (1900–1944), Romanian running
  • Naomi Gal (born 1944), Israeli writer
  • Nora Gal (1912–1991), Soviet translator and literary critic
  • Riki Gal (born 1950), Israeli singer
  • Reuven Gal (born 1942), Israeli psychologist
  • Sandra Gal (born 1985), German LPGA golfer
  • Șandor Gal (born 1955), Romanian former ice hockey player
  • Sharon Gal (born 1974), Israeli journalist and politician
  • Shmuel Gal, Israeli mathematician and professor
  • Susan Gal (born 1949), American academic
  • Udi Gal (born 1979), Israeli Olympic sailor
  • Uziel Gal (1923–2002), German-born Israeli gun designer
  • Yehoshua Gal (born 1951), Israeli former footballer
  • Yoram Gal (born 1952), Israeli playwright and actor
  • Zehava Gal, Israeli operatic mezzo-soprano

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Pseudonym or nom de guerre[edit]

  • GAL (cartoonist) (born 1940), Belgian cartoonist
  • János Gálicz or "General Gal", Austro-Hungarian brigade and division commander during the Spanish Civil War


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