Gala (literary prize)

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Gala (literary prize)
Awarded forbest books in seven categories
LocationTbilisi, Georgia
Country Georgia
Presented byTbilisi City Assembly
First awarded2007

Gala (Georgian: გალა) is a literary competition founded under the aegis of the Tbilisi Sakrebulo (Tbilisi City Assembly,[1] Georgia). The idea of the competition belongs to writer and member of Tbilisi City Assembly Zaal Samadashvili.[2] The competition presents awards in seven categories.

Winners receive a copy of a Bronze Age axe and prize money (4000 GEL). The idea of Bronze Age axe sketch pertains to sculptor Gogi Ochiauri, whereas the prize itself was elaborated by Tbilisi City Assembly member Khatuna Ochiauri.


  • Best book
  • Best handbook
  • Best translation
  • Best book for children
  • Best illustration
  • Best literary project
  • Best screenplay (since 2011)


Gala 2007[edit]

Gala 2008[edit]

Gala 2009[edit]

Gala 2010[edit]

  • The best book: Zurab Lezhava[4] For Child's Bite on Goldcrest in October
  • The best handbook: Hero from Prime-Time
  • The best translation: Lia Chlaidze for translation (from Turkish) of My Name Is Red by Orhan Pamuk
  • The best book for children: Mzia Surguladze for Georgian History For Children
  • The best illustration: Tinatin Chkhikvishvili for Poems by Makvala MrevliSvili
  • The best literary project: Kakha Tolordava for Conversations on Jazz

Gala 2011[edit]

Gala 2012[edit]

  • The best book: Baadur balarjishvili for poetry collection 'Cypresses'
  • The best handbook: Besik Kharanauli for 'Poems'
  • The best translation: Niko Kiasashvili - Ulisse by James Joyce
  • The best book for children: Tales by Thea Thophuria
  • The best illustration: Tamar Bakradze
  • The best screenplay: Mariam Khatchvani For screenplay DEDE
  • The best literary project: Books from Diogene


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